Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What war?

As of Late, Israel has been kicking my ass. The people I consider my family here are on vacation in North America and have generously left me their auto for use during these three weeks. Albeit an auto simplifies life in terms of shaving off up to two hours of bus waiting and riding a day, there still doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day I can allot myself to singing in the shower and whistling and skipping into random walls of limestone.

After work and my Bnei Brak (an orthodox city on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, for those of u at home) tutor and before my shiur last night, I realized how booked up I am. Busy with things I must do in order to establish myself spiritually and culturally in the sort of lifestyle I feel I will mold myself into as I get older. Finding the time to do laundry is my biggest challenge. The underwear your mother told you never to wear in case you got in an accident- yeah... That underwear is saved for times when time is not found for it.

After finding the time for tomato soup, I arrived with a layer of sweat only Tel Aviv humidity can decorate ones face with and sat down next to my favorite survivor Jean.

Israel has been kicking my ass for a number a reasons. Although I can support myself without incident with my current career, at the end of the month, I really have nothing to show for myself except a stocked fridge. My father would be rolling in his grave if he got news of my currently inability to save. "It's not what you earn, it's what you spend" he would constantly say as I rolled my eyes and retorted with "dad, times have change- life is really expensive these days." Life is pretty expensive here in Tel Aviv.

As I slid myself into the bench next to Jean, I whispered "I know you're a successful business man, I need some pointers how I am to establish myself financially."

Jean in his German/Polish accent and bad hearing: "What!? You need Money?!"

Me: No no, I need some advice on how I can build myself financially with what I have

Jean: Yeah?!?! hmm.. How much you got? $100,000???

Me: err- if I had that, I don't think I would be too worried at the moment, Let's just assume I have nothing and can save ----- Shekels each month.

Jean: How much is that in dollars??

Me: err.... --- dollars

Jean: we'll meet for coffee after our Shiur on Wednesday, I'll advise you.

Sigh of relief. Honestly, I know what he's gonna tell me: no more bottles of your favorite cabernet, no going out to eat, those yoga classes bought on a package deal but unable to make each week because of being locked out of your apartment, go for a run on the beach instead. No big dinners with your friends once a week, only afford what is necessary- which is basically anything that fits on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. And at the end of all my budgeting and savings planning, he'll say "you'll be grateful when you get older".

And I know he'll be right, but I'll still tell him Israel is kicking my ass and I believe in her and I believe in what I'm doing, but that imaginary ticket of easily attained new cars and affordable living and drinking and general rowdyism of U.S life is waving in my face and I imaginarily sigh to that imaginary ticket and I wonder: is this all worth it?

Then at this point (we are still in imaginary scenario's) my closest friends say "of course it is, it's Israel- who wants to be an armchair Zionist?!!" and I imaginarily sigh and state: I can't even afford a car that would simplify my life 50%, in the U.S I could afford one waitressing!!".


At 8/15/2006 9:42 AM, Blogger channahboo said...

If you start backing out of dinners I will be kicking your ass! Nevermind Israel! And remember... I leave scratch marks baby! ;)

At 8/15/2006 8:13 PM, Blogger DolceVita said...

I just made a huge bowl of gazpacho soup and im going to be making another of chilled cucumber and yoghurt soup, youre welcome for dinner anytime!


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