Sunday, August 13, 2006

Science fair memories

Sometimes you can believe in something and not live up to it.

When I was a kid, there was the annual science fair. At 7 years old, my brother constructed a mechanical lego robot to enter. At 6 years old, mini- Ginrod found a sick (as in not flying) bumble bee in the grass in front of our condo in Germany. I remember an eldery neighbor explaining the bee was sick and I would have to nurse it back to health. She advised me to mix sugar with water and hopefully, the bumble bee would suck it up with it's stinger.

I took my bumble bee up the stairs into our home. I created a bumble bee environment specifically catered to it's natural environment (ie: a small bowl with leaves and two flowers that are often taken for weeds). I created it's nutritional supplement of sugar and water and the bee stung me. I continued my care for the bumble bee until he silently passed only two days later.

I remember announcing to my mother that I would not be attending the science fair, because my science project, had passed away, I then punished myself by sitting in my bedroom.

Mom came into my room with that book "My book of science projects" and continued to offer other options that I could present in the Atterberry Elementary school Science Fair. Everything seemed to complex to my 6 year old self and I finally settled on taking a cactus (that I did not grow) to the science fair.

The 3rd graders were proudly shooting off their vinegar volcanoes, displaying their glowing green goo while my brother was displaying his engineering genius with his robotic lego man (he actually did become an engineer). I showed loyalty to my cactus long enough for my teacher, Mrs.Perea, to imposter interest in this small plant (which looks just like the mini-cactus sitting on my monitor right now). I then ran off to watch the majesty of volcanoes with the 3rd graders.

Mrs. Perea would eventually leave Germany and leave us her parakeets and canary. Once a day, we would allow the parakeets to fly around the condo, and inevitably, the blue one would prop itself on my father's beerstein and drink some beer.

I did not win a prize at the science fair. I don't think I believed in it enough.


At 3/04/2008 12:00 AM, Blogger William Cherry said...

I too went to Atterberry Elementary School it's amazing I ran into your article about this... do you happen to have any other information or pictures about Atterberry, I read recently that it closed down... We lived there and in Weisbaden when my parents were stationed in Frankfurt with the US Military... I've been trying to piece together photos of the area and people that attended.

At 3/04/2008 9:13 AM, Blogger Ginrod Isus said...

Yeah, the entire base closed down about a decade ago. i went in 99' and it was closed, so i imagine it's been a no man's land for awhile.


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