Sunday, August 27, 2006

The beach. and Israel

To the left is a picture of the beach less than 2km's where my mother grew up in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Phillipinnes. We'd walk into the brush of the nearby jungle to arrive there, using a bamboo stick to clear the way and scare the snakes away. That is the warm water of the South China sea where my Grandfather would take me off his small shoulders and dunk me as I raised my legs higher into the air to create a larger splash.

Bolinao is the place where my small friends would fall into large holes full of insects i'd never see again, a place where we washed in baths next to the pigs shed, crying from the fear of the grunting swine next door. It is where stories of spirits and ghosts floating in the dawn captured my miniature imagination. Bolinao is the place where I sat on kitchen floors scooping out mangoes as the sounds of jungle wildlife played on soundtrack outside. My days in Bolinao were filled with visits to my Aunts classroom and watching as my other Aunt tended to her patients. Older memories of Bolinao are of my cousins and I, riding down the coast in a 4x4 jeep and cooling off in an underground, freshwater cave, then later accompanying my uncle to rooster fights that angered me because animal rights never reached this large island. (" We eat the rooster, Susi" echoes my uncle's voice ,"We just get some entertainment and gambling in before!".)

I'm thinking of Bolinao because I've been thinking a lot about my progression here in Israel and my desire to make her a permanent home. If Mom was able to leave her home and create a new one, it's in my blood to accomplish that as well. So, I have taken measure in setting up a savings and investing in bonds/stocks/mutual funds hoping that with a little luck and a couple years time, i'll have something to show for it (and not just a really nice purse).

Another challenge I am facing is: how do I make Israel a home for my family? My family doesn't carry the same identity with Israel as my friends families do, that being spending their vacation time here, investing in property, retiring here- how can I make the Doring family a permanent fixture in Israel? Actually, unbeknownst to my mother, I have decided that I shall make the effort in finding my mother a "companion". But no no, not just ANY companion- a Jewish companion. Because even if I find her a Jewish companion in the U.S, with my charm and rhetoric, it'll guarantee me seeing my mother at LEAST once a year, if not more. It'll be quite challenging, because Bry and I will most likely be the toughest children to impress. But i'm working on it. I imagine a lot of people may not agree with me to do this, or hope for this- but oh well.

Would love to upload some pics from the wonderful, long weekend I had, but Flickr, geocities, and blogspot all have no desire to cooperate with me. It shall be left up to the imagination the eventful and Scandal-less weekend I had. I am sad to find myself at my desk on a Sunday morning- I would rather be having tea with politicians and their prostitutes. Or writing Mad-Libs on my couch- but what can you do. This year is making me realize the amount of growing up I am doing and I suppose I must simply accept that it is what it is.


At 8/27/2006 10:57 AM, Blogger IsraLuv said...

and we are so very proud of you suza-leh


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