Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer is taking me for prisoner.

Summer on full throttle here in Tel Aviv. Thousands of umbrellas are lining the beaches creating little shade of those who seek it. New bars line the boardwalk with music dancing around them. Thursday nights have composed of mingling with spirits in hand, leaning against the banisters of bars that line the Mediterranean, while the midnight waves crash and sprinkle their salty water on your toes. The sun has given birth to new freckle colonies on my body and found her way into my belly button. Hello summer.

Hello Jellyfish.

I have learned a few new things this week: you can break a horse in a day by bringing it into water and sitting on it and then slowly riding it out of water. It takes two weeks to break a camel. You must tie it's hind legs and starve it for two weeks, hardheaded creatures they are. Those wildebeest of the desert. A frog swallows by rolling it's eyes back and some sort of muscle encourages the swallowing process. I have also discovered that my zucchini bisque soup tastes very similar to my French Asparagus soup. My most disappointing revelation: Tel Aviv has a Jellyfish season.

We Olim Tel Avians have been spoiling ourselves in the last 7 weeks in the cool, fresh water of the Mediterranean. Apparently, the Jellyfish have discovered it too and have decided to terrorize our wading space. The small ones are easily spotted- you can see their brownness for afar. The large, plastic bag size Jelly Fish tend to play with the focus of your eyes. All I wanted to do Friday morning was dive into the water and paddle around, but the size of such jellyfish caused me and the crew to run out of the water like schoolage children.

Knowing my luck, a large wave would crawl onto me as I am joyously frolicking in the salty water. As my mouth is laughing itself away, one of those plastic bag jellyfish would have found its way onto my face and then I would be begging from searing pain for one of my friends to pee on me. (is this becoming a teamed topic this week??). I chose to cool myself off with the shower and sit in the shade instead.

The political situation in Israel at the moment depresses me. My heart will forever ache in a way it never did before when I hear of soldiers that fall. It only reminds me of the terror my soul went through last year and I can only know that if those soldiers had a girlfriend. I will most likely meet her and console her through her pain. Everyday I am praying that the captive soldier will come home and take his mother out of her pain she is experiencing right now waiting for him at home.

This is Israel. Where every goal of the World Cup is echoed throughout the streets in the warm night. Where Shabbat dinners are long and warm, where the beach waits for you after a long night of laughing and dancing and "walks to the bathroom". This is Israel... where Super dorky Christians with white socks and burnt knees march around singing some song in Hebrew about how they love Israel and believe in us too. Where Hacidic Jews roller blade on the main streets in their black attire skating with a large flag of their organization waving behind them. This is Israel where I have began to go to popular clubs early so I don't have to wait outside too long because of the situation and my fear of an attack occuring nearby. Israel is that place where Uma Thurman comes to attend a wedding and settlers are being kidnapped and murdered. What a polarized place it is. We have both worlds here, it fascinates me every single day that I am fortunate enough to experience.



At 7/02/2006 2:47 AM, Blogger alias pail said...

so you got a sting on your face? for real? does it burn like a chigger bite? israel is rough. ever since my stay, my homepage has been the haaretz. and it's a stab in the heart for either side. great sadness overwhelms this situation, and all i can do is take a big sigh, and continue with getting off the 3 train onto 34th.

At 7/02/2006 10:09 AM, Blogger channahboo said...

It is an interesting fact to note that in Israel the jellyfish season hits its peak during the '3 weeks' when we jews should not go public bathing anyway... It's gonna get worse before it gets better... Time to find a pool untl the end of August! Or bring a paddling pool with us to the beach...


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