Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Another day of business as usual in Tel Aviv. Anyone I have respect for, especially those with extensive military experience I inquire: "Do you think they REALLY have those missiles. Do you think they REALLY would bomb Tel Aviv?". I had a knot in my stomach the first day of this war, I've lead myself to believe that is far fetched at the moment to think Tel Aviv could get hit.

P Bonez and I sat at a restaurant at the beach last night, feet away from the small waves of the Mediterranean, feet in the sand we stared at the black sky. "Is that a satellite? Is that another one??" I questioned. "Naw, it's mars and Venus". "No it's not, it's a satellite, it's a war satellite.. They have spy vessels in the sky!!!" "No, sooz- it's Mars and Venus".

"Is that a flare I see??". "naw P, it's a plane..Wait, it disappeared..In the clouds? Maybe it is a flare..Why would there be a flare here??". Our conversation would then become drowned out with a pattern of planes/ helicopters flying by.

Israel is so polarized. Even when she's having a war. An hour away my friends are feeling the tremors of Katyusha rockets near their homes. While in Tel Aviv I am still able to dig my feet in the sand. Some say this will end quickly, some report it hasn't reached it's Zenith. This is about the time you take everything one day (hour?) at a time and stop letting the media's obsession with Israel dictate the palipatations of your heart.


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