Monday, July 17, 2006

Pictures from Deutschland

Here are some pics from my trip a couple weeks ago. Life does not cease to amaze me when you enjoy the ambiance of the World Cup with tall glasses of Weissbier and return home into a hornets nest of a middle east crisis. I suppose only time will tell where this will lead.

Bry and I on the Spree River in front of Dads school.

This is after I had to go into the erotica store and pull my mother out of the movie: The exotic adventures of Jeff and Mark. Scandalous mother.
Dads childhood flat- Berlin.
The statue Bry and I used to climb over when we were kids. Frankfurt.
My Lola and I- she not sleeping, she just Asian!
Mamo and I in front of Dads school


At 7/20/2006 2:08 PM, Blogger Noodles said...

Beau'iful piccies ... your mum looks a doll ... i wanna give her a cuddle!


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